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Wayne P. Foster, MD, FACS, is the area’s leading facial plastic surgeon.
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Kybella is here!

Dr. Foster is proud to be one
of the first Physicians in the
area to offer Kybella!

Lose your double chin without surgery.
Kybella was approved by the FDA as the first and only non-surgical means of treating isolated fat deposits
under the chin. Read more

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Cheek Augmentation in Toms River and Wall, NJ

For ages, strong cheek bones and facial angulation have been considered signs of beauty. Candidates for malar augmentation (cheek bone implants) frequently have naturally flat cheek bones, which provide no facial contour. Malar augmentation can add this definition to a face. Submalar augmentation is often used in patients whose cheeks have a sunken, hollow look. Submalar augmentation can fill this hollow sign of aging below the cheekbones and fill out the patient’s face. Patients who have been victims of facial trauma or have congenital defects may also be candidates for cheek augmentation.

Surgery WAS the treatment of choice until the long lasting fillers became available. Sedation, surgery, and a week of recovery and the risks of complications were the standard.

However, now Voluma, a filler that lasts up to 2 years provides a beautiful, custom result that ranges from subtle to exotic. It is safe, much less expensive and reversible.


Foster MD has locations in Toms River and Wall NJ which are great distance for anyone in Manasquan, Sea Girt, Point Pleasant and surrounding Townships in NJ.


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