Body Contouring with Non-Surgical Solutions Including Coolsculpting, Emsculpt, and VanquishME

While diet and exercise as the best way to lose weight and improve the health of the body, it may not be effective at treating specific areas where fat deposits tend to develop. Unwanted fat can be troublesome when men and women want to improve their body contours. With the use of today’s amazing technology, patients have a variety of options available to them for body contouring, including the use of three technologically advanced solutions including CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, and VanquishME.

  • CoolSculpting – the first treatment we offer in our practice at Foster MD is that of CoolSculpting. Dr. Wayne P. Foster describes CoolSculpting as a cryolipolysis treatment that freezes fat cells for the body to naturally eliminate. This treatment uses a device approved by the FDA to drop the temperature of fat cells while preserving the outer layers of skin. CoolSculpting treatments can reduce fat in the treatment area and improve body contours. It is commonly used in problem areas such as the abdomen.
  • Emsculpt – Emsculpt is a procedure that induces muscle contractions while remodeling the inner structure of the skin. This treatment can help patients achieve a sexier stomach or more sculpted arms with several sessions spread weeks apart. The best results are achieved when patients are already within their ideal weight range and want to target areas of the body that need special attention and improvement. Areas that can be treated include the abdominal area, the arms, and buttocks.
  • VanquishME – VanquishME is a specialized procedure that can address the abdominal area or outer thighs. It disrupts the fatty cells while shrinking and eliminating them in the treatment area. This is done with a special device that never touches the skin, but provides amazing results!

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