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For many people, the core area of the body is one of the most challenging. Diet and exercise don’t always provide the extent of tone that is desired. At Foster MD, we enjoy helping our patients conquer the difficult core area with the latest proven technology, VanquishME.

What is VanquishME?

VanquishME is a nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment that provides fat-reduction through deep tissue heating. The FDA-approved device targets unwanted fat with radiofrequency energy to stimulate the lipolysis of fat cells.

Benefits of VanquishME

There are several aspects of VanquishME treatment that patients appreciate. The procedure is not only nonsurgical but completely non-contact. There are no injections, no anesthesia, and no panels or applicators applied to the body. In addition to safety and the convenience of no downtime, VanquishME also delivers in the area of results.

Who is a candidate for VanquishME fat reduction?

VanquishME is designed for adults who are in good health and interested in achieving better body contours. Patients who obtain the best results live a healthy lifestyle before treatment. They eat well and work out to maintain physical wellness. The objective of VanquishME is to target resistant fat cells in a localized part of the body such as the abdomen or bra line.

Preparing for VanquishME Treatment

VanquishME radiofrequency body contouring eliminates fat through the lymphatic system. Energy also passes through the skin superficial tissue to gently heat the deeper layer of fat cells. Water aids in the entire process. For that reason, patients are encouraged to begin drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day in the days leading up to their procedure. It is beneficial to also continue drinking at least 64 ounces of water in the days following treatment.

The key is hydration, so it is also beneficial to limit alcohol consumption and strenuous exercise or other activities that stimulate excessive sweating.

How does VanquishME Radiofrequency reduce fat?

VanquishME Toms River, NJThe VanquishME device has a unique thermal profile that locates and targets deep tissue with high-frequency energy. The penetration of radiofrequency waves targets fat cells with controlled heat. The warming of fat cells stimulates an immune response. Essentially, by heating the deep layer of subcutaneous fat, VanquishME tricks the body into perceiving fat cells as damaged. The cells are destroyed and eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Radiofrequency is a unique form of energy that is commonly used in aesthetic medicine to target fat and dermal tissue. The VanquishME device utilizes the particular range of radiofrequency wavelengths that pass through the skin with ease and disrupts the integrity of adipocytes so the body can eliminate them for good.

How long does the procedure take?

A VanquishME procedure takes from 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Is VanquishME painful?

Radiofrequency is a powerful but gentle energy. The device emits consistent energy that penetrates the skin to reach the deeper layer of fat with controlled heat. While patients do feel the heating sensation, they do not describe this as painful. The energy may feel like a heating pad on the skin. Some patients experience a slight cramping sensation when treatment is conducted on the abdomen.

How many VanquishME treatments will I need?

Fat reduction can occur after just one VanquishME treatment. In clinical studies, patients who received a series of four treatments at one-week intervals achieved significant results.

How long do the results of VanquishME last?

Nonsurgical fat-reduction can achieve permanent results. The absorption of radiofrequency energy into fat cells leads to apoptosis, or cell death. There is no way for destroyed fat cells to return because the body eliminates them. The body also does not grow new fat cells. Patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle after their body contouring treatment can expect to enjoy lasting results.

How does VanquishME compare to CoolSculpting?

VanquishME and CoolSculpting are both intended for nonsurgical, non-invasive body contouring. Each treatment affects fat cells through controlled temperature changes. The structure of fat cells treated with either treatment is dismantled in a way that tricks the body into eliminating them. For optimal results, 3 or more treatment sessions are usually needed. These are the similarities between VanquishME and CoolSculpting. The way they differ is in the energy used to achieve optimal outcomes.

Where VanquishME heats fat cells to a certain degree, CoolSculpting cools them. The devices also differ somewhat. VanquishME radiofrequency panels are positioned over the body. No applicators come in contact with the skin. CoolSculpting requires contact with the skin to adequately freeze fat cells. Panels are relatively small, about the size of a stick of butter, which limits the extent of the treatment area. For larger areas, multiple treatments need to be conducted. Each treatment area requires one hour of cooling application.

How soon will I see results after treatment?

Patients involved in clinical studies reported seeing better body contours as soon as two weeks after their final VanquishME treatment. Treatments are scheduled weekly and typically end after four treatments. That means results begin to appear approximately 6 weeks after the very first session. As fat processing continues in patients observed in clinical studies, as much as a 2-inch reduction in waist circumference was noted.

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