“Dr Foster was so kind, and I just want to thank him again for his care…”

I was in the hospital today where Dr Foster took care of my daughter. I am writing just to express my sincere gratitude for his professionalism, his consideration and his efforts to accommodate us into his busy schedule. My daughter fell and hit her face on Monday 12/27 at about 5:30pm. I rushed her to the hospital shortly thereafter. Once there, we were subjected to what seemed to me as mass chaos. The staff was visibly miserable. We were told the plastic surgeon would not come in. Not only did he not come in, but when we called the second choice in plastic surgeons, we were told he was on vacation…Today his office told me he was in surgery all day!!!!! Nevertheless, we were sent home and told to keep my daughter’s face moist all night and call the plastic surgeon that wouldn’t come in in the morning for an appointment!!!!!! My mother suggested Dr. Foster since she has been to his aesthetician. I contacted your Toms River office who informed me that Dr. Foster was in surgery all day and that I may be able to reach him at the hospital. My sister-in-law works in radiology and she reached out to another radiologist that was on the floor where Dr. Foster was…He graciously squeezed my daughter in. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am. Dr Foster was so kind, and I just want to thank him again for his care…After the way I felt last night about the medical field, he definitely renewed my faith in a profession that seems to be losing it’s compassion.

Sincerely, G.M.

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