The Cold Weather Skin Tips you Need to Know

Skin Care Wall, NJCue the colored lights, snow, and tasty holiday food. As the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, our focus is rightly on family, food, and fun. During the holidays, self-care goes right out the window and left forgotten until the New Year rolls around. Your skin shouldn’t have to suffer. These winter skincare tips will help ward off the dryness and itchiness associated with winter weather.

Make moisturizing a daily ritual

The importance of having the right moisturizer during the winter cannot be overstated. Although you have a go-to skincare routine for the rest of the year, your skincare products should change with the season if needed. During the harsh cold of winter, an oil-based moisturizer will do wonders for your dry and cracked skin. Search the ingredients list for ointment based moisturizers that contain non-clogging oils like almond oil, primrose oil, or avocado oil. Avoid shea oil, which will clog up your pores and sit on the top of the skin. Oil-based moisturizers can attract much-needed moisture to your skin and relieve itchiness and dryness.

Help out your hands

When you leave your house, don’t forget your gloves! If your hands are properly covered, you can avoid the painful cracking and itching that cold weather exposure can bring. If shoveling your driveway gets your hands cold and wet, be sure to switch over to dry gloves as soon as you can. Better yet, invest in waterproof gloves so you won’t have the problem in the first place.

Let your humidifier do the work

During the winter, central heating systems and heaters, in general, spew out warm but dry air into your home. To help counteract the dryness, this can cause to your skin, plug in your humidifier. If you want, use several humidifiers throughout your home.

Don’t forget your feet

After a long cold day, prop your feet up and use an exfoliant to get rid of the dry and dead skin. Next, lather them up using petroleum or glycerin based lotion.

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