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Dr. Foster is the area’s leading facial plastic surgeon. He is a meticulously skilled surgeon whose experience, impeccable credentials and easy, warm manner set him apart. Dr. Foster offers procedures including Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Eyelid Surgery, Hair Restoration, CoolSculpting and more. During your consultation, Dr. Foster will devote an extended period of time with you to discuss your interests…

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As life spans lengthen in modern America, most people feel vigorous and energetic long after their appearance begins to deteriorate and show the signs of aging. It is no wonder, therefore, that the number of people consulting a facial plastic surgeon has grown tremendously in recent years.

During a typical consultation, patients frequently ask when they would

benefit from a cosmetic procedure to reverse the signs of aging. Just as everyone ages at a different pace, everyone also has a differing tolerance for showing the signs of aging.

Today, many people are consulting facial plastic surgeons to eliminate the obvious signs of aging as soon as these signs first appear. Those who “nip the aging process in the bud” are then continuing with a maintenance program of minor surgical procedures. These people never seem to age or grow older in comparison to their contemporaries.

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