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Eyebrow Lift

As we age our skin, muscles, and support tissues slacken across our bodies, and our forehead and the area around the eyebrows is certainly not immune. Unfortunately, sagging and drooping on the forehead really ages the face. Plus, it can give the impression to others that you are either perpetually tired, sad, or even angry. In extreme cases, sagging brows can begin to impact the patient’s vision.

A brow lift with Dr. Foster can bring your sagging brows back up and eliminate that perpetual drooping, sad look. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule a brow lift consultation at one of our two offices! Dial 732.914.2233 for our Ocean County office, or 732.449.2099 for our Monmouth County office.


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What Is A Brow Lift?

A brow lift targets the brows and the forehead. The goal is to smooth forehead lines and to raise the brows, giving the person a younger, more alert appearance. To do this, Dr. Foster repositions or adjusts the muscles above the eyes and across the forehead. He also relieves the muscles that create the vertical lines between the eyebrows, commonly known as the 11s.

What’s The Difference Between A Brow Lift And A Forehead Lift?

Technically, these two procedures can be separate if the patient only wants to remove forehead lines, for instance, and not address the brows. Or vice versa. In most cases, Dr. Foster improves the entire forehead down through the brows all in one procedure.

Would I Benefit From A Brow Lift?

Some people have a genetic predisposition toward sagging brows. For others, it’s just a part of aging. If you have lines on your forehead and sagging brows, you’re fully aware. You may even have people ask if you’re tired or mad about something because of your sagging brows.

If you’d like a simple test to see if a brow lift/forehead lift would help your situation, try this. Stand in front of the mirror and place the lower palms of each hand just above your eyebrows on each side of your head. Slightly pull those palms outward and upward and you’ll see how a brow lift will reposition your sagging skin and tissues.

People who have this surgery with Dr. Foster are usually between 45 and 60 years old.

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“I can’t say enough about this wonderful doctor and his staff! I recently had a cosmetic procedure and I’m so very happy with my results and the entire experience. What a great bunch! I highly recommend!” – Olivia Rennet

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How Are Brow Lifts Done?

Whenever possible, Dr. Foster uses the endoscopic method for these procedures. This creates minimal incisions and makes for a far easier recovery. But for some patients this method doesn’t allow enough adjustment and removal of excess skin. Here is how the two methods are done. Dr. Foster will discuss your options during your consultation.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Thanks to continuing improvements in technology, the endoscopic brow lift is becoming the standard for brow lifts. In this method, three to five short incisions are made within the hairline. An endoscope, a tiny instrument with a camera on the end, is inserted into one of the incisions. This provides Dr. Foster with excellent visuals of the area to be addressed without the need for the longer coronal incision. He inserts tools into the other small incisions to manipulate the skin and muscles. As you would expect, there is very little scarring with this method.

Coronal Brow Lift

Before the development of tiny endoscopes, this was the only option for performing a brow lift. Also known as the “traditional” brow lift, this method involves a single coronal (think of it as the shape of a pair of headphones) incision that runs from one ear, wraps up around the forehead, and terminates at the other ear. This incision is hidden within the hairline. The forehead skin is lifted away and underlying muscles are trimmed and repositioned as appropriate. If necessary, the eyebrows may be lifted. The final step is to trim excess skin. Then the skin in re-draped and the incision is closed.

What Will My Recovery Be Like After A Brow Lift?

There is a good deal of tissue adjustment and repositioning with brow lifts, and this creates bruising and swelling. Often this can migrate from the forehead down around your eyes and into the cheeks. This isn’t pretty, but it usually clears in a week to 10 days. It’s important for brow lift patients to keep their head elevated above the level of the torso for three days after your surgery, including when sleeping. Recovery is more involved if Dr. Foster needs to use the coronal method. This is due to the length of the incision and the degree of re-draping of the skin. Patients usually have numbness across the forehead. This will transition to itching along the incision. Both of these will pass; they are the result of nerves adjusting to the changes. Often, the hair near the incision will fall out or thin, but normal hair growth should return within weeks or a few months.

Endoscopic brow lifts will also involve some numbness due to tissue manipulation, but there is far less itching than traditional methods. This is because the incisions are minimal compared with the traditional method.

Patients can usually return to work within 10 days, particularly to sedentary jobs. But if your job entails heavy lifting or physical labor, you may need more time. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting will need to be put off for one month, as you must avoid elevating the blood pressure to your face.

When Will I See My Results After My Eye Brow Lift?

Your results are immediate, although they will be masked for some time by the swelling and bruising. Still, after 10 days or so, you’ll get a real idea of the improvements. You’ll look more alert and younger. As any lingering swelling completely resolves, your results will continue to improve. From there, you will still age on your brows, but the sagging and development of forehead lines will never remotely approach where they were previously.

How Is A Brow Lift Different Than A Facelift?

The name “facelift” can make some people believe the procedure rejuvenates the entire face — it doesn’t. Facelifts address the mid-face area down to the chin. They do not improve the brows and forehead. That’s the job of a brow lift. Dr. Foster often combines the two procedures into a single surgical session for full facial rejuvenation.

Can I Combine A Brow Lift With Other Procedures?

Because brow/forehead lifts only target the area above the eyes through the forehead, many people combine them with eyelid surgery. This removes sagging from the eyelids and addresses puffiness under the eyes. Other patients combine a brow lift with a facelift to rejuvenate the entire face. Dr. Foster can discuss these possibilities with you during your consultation. One advantage of combining two procedures is that you only have a single recovery period.

What Are The Risks With A Brow Lift?

Brow lifts are a common procedure; they’ve been performed for decades and have been proven to be very safe and effective. This is surgery, so the usual possible complications exist: excessive bleeding, reaction to anesthesia, infection, and the like.

A couple side effects are involved with this particular surgery. Patients can experience hair loss along the incision (traditional method). There can also be some difficulty moving forehead muscles or your brows, but these are rare complications. The most common side effect/complication is itching along the incision locations. This can last for months, but eventually it resolves when your nerves have adapted.

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