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Some people develop a fatty, double chin early in life, destroying the natural curvature of the chin and neck. Others develop a floppy-skinned, “turkey gobbler” deformity. This is caused by weakening of the muscles forming a band from the chin to the base of the neck.

To address these problems, a small incision is made in the crease below the chin, excess skin is removed, and the underlying muscles tightened or excised. Liposuction is then used to remove the excess fat in this area. A tiny incision may be added behind the ear to remove excess fat in the neck. When healed, these incisions are tiny and extremely well hidden becoming virtually invisible. A supportive bandage is removed the morning after the surgery and replaced with a light dressing. The final result depends upon the slow progression of the healing process. Improvement continues for months after the surgery.

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What is neck and chin liposuction?

Having a double chin is not an unusual circumstance. The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery reports that about 70 percent of Americans are bothered by submental fullness, the clinical term for the dreaded double chin.

The area under our chin is particularly susceptible to the effects of aging. The skin thins and loses tension; there isn’t any bone or muscle to really support it and help prevent sagging; and pockets of fat tend to accumulate in this area. The result is the drooping skin and undefined profile of a double chin.

Dr. Foster uses precision liposuction to remove the fat along the chin and in the upper neck that is creating the problem. This is different from the more intrusive liposuction you think of on areas such as the thighs, where the cannula (the tube with suction that removes the separated fat cells) is moved back and forth aggressively to break loose the fat cells.

On the chin and neck, the cannula is inserted, and the fat is removed more precisely. That’s partially because the amount of fat removed in this area isn’t anywhere near what is removed on large areas such as the abdomen.

Once the unwanted fat is removed and sculpted, the small incisions can be closed usually with only Steri-Strip bandages.

Who is an ideal candidate for neck and chin liposuction?

As mentioned above, double chins are anything but rare. When their development is caused by the weight of fat pulling down the tissue under our jawline and on the upper neck, liposuction is the perfect answer. Dr. Foster is able to precisely control the fat removed and the contour. Neck and chin liposuction allows the fat to be removed with more controlled expectation than from Kybella injections.

The main requirement for neck and chin liposuction is the patient’s skin elasticity. Once the fat is removed, the skin needs to be able to tighten down. This returns definition to the patient’s profile, and provides a sharper, sculpted chin and jawline. However, if the patient’s skin is loose, either due to excessive weight gain and subsequent loss or from simple genetics, removing the fat will only make the area appear looser. The skin in these cases has lost its elasticity, its ability to rebound. You can think of it as akin to a rubber band that has been stretched for too long and can’t return to its former degree of tautness. For these patients, a lower facelift and neck lift are the only way to remove this sagging, unresponsive skin. Dr. Foster would likely include some liposuction along with this surgery, but excision of skin is necessary.

Otherwise, if it’s fat that is creating your double chin, neck and chin liposuction is an easy to take, satisfying procedure.

What can I achieve with neck and chin liposuction?

Using dietary changes to remove fat that has accumulated under your chin and is pulling the skin downward is almost impossible. That’s what can make a double chin so frustrating.But neck and chin liposuction with Dr. Foster can remove that fat in a short, easy procedure that has an easy recovery. When the fat is removed, the weight on the tissue is removed with it. This allows the skin to tighten, and this sharpens the person’s profile and removes the double chin.

female with a strong, contoured jaw after chin and neck liposuction

How is neck and chin liposuction performed?

Neck and chin liposuction is a more delicate procedure than liposuction done on larger areas of the body. That’s where Dr. Foster’s training and experience as a board-certified facial plastic surgeon comes into play. For these procedures, Dr. Foster first injects the areas with tumescent solution. This is a combination of saline water, lidocaine, and epinephrine. The salt water expands the area; the lidocaine provides local anesthetic; and the epinephrine constricts the blood vessels to create far less bleeding and subsequent bruising. The epinephrine also constricts the fat cells, making them easier to break loose and gently suction away.

After the tumescent solution is injected and other local anesthetic is given, Dr. Foster makes a series of small incisions along the jawline. These are only 2 to 3 mm in length, so small they don’t require sutures and can be closed with simple Steri-Strips. He then inserts the microcannula, generally 16-gauge or 14-gauge in size. He can show you how small these are during your consultation. He then suctions away the fat in an extensive crisscross pattern to achieve uniform removal. This creates a smooth, pleasing, slimmer contour.

He repeats this with each insertion of the cannula into the different small incisions until the entire area under the chin and the upper neck has been addressed. Then the cannula is removed and Steri-Strips applied. The cannula removes most of the tumescent solution along with the fat, and any remaining solution drains away quite quickly.

We monitor you for a brief time and then you return home.

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What is recovery like after neck and chin liposuction?

Dr. Foster will have you in elastic compression bandages and possibly a chin strap when you return home. This compression helps complete drainage, but it is required only for the first 18 to 36 hours. There is some swelling after these procedures, but it resolves usually within a week or so. Some patients return to normal activities in just a day or two. A full recovery takes only about a week. You’ll see your slimmer contour beginning in about two days, as swelling begins to subside. But your skin will continue to tighten down over the course of the next few weeks.

What are the potential risks and complications of neck and chin liposuction?

These are very low-risk procedures. Liposuction complications, such as dimpling and uneven contour, are not a problem with neck and chin liposuction. They can occur with larger areas, such as the flanks, where large amounts of fat are removed. These are easy-to-take procedures with satisfying results.

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