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Lip Enhancement in Toms River, Wall NJ

The “pouty,” full lip has never been more popular and attractive than today. Thinning and retraction of the lips are an integral part of the aging process. The upper and lower lip gradually rolls inward lengthening the distance from the nose to the pink lip. Because people have realized the importance of lips in the aged appearance, lip enhancement and rejuvenation procedures have become important in overall facial rejuvenation and beauty restoration. Furthermore, many women are enhancing their lips at a more youthful age to enhance overall beauty.

The Procedure

Simple and more complex procedures, with very little recovery time, are performed under local or with light, twilight anesthesia. The lip may be enhanced using the patient’s own fat, inserted materials or with a lip rolling technique.

If the patient’s fat is used, it is first taken from another part of the body, then concentrated and placed within the lip. Initially, the lip is swollen and “overdone.” Gradually, a portion of the fat goes away leaving the final amount of surviving fat to enhance the lip. Two or three procedures at two- or three-month intervals are usually recommended for optimal results. The result is permanent and may be enhanced further at any time in the future.

If other materials are used to enhance the lips, tiny, slit incisions are made at the corner of the mouth, and the material is tunneled under the skin of the lip. Several material options are available to enhance the lips including Gore-Tex, Alloderm, and others. These will be discussed further at your consultation.

The lip enhancement procedure allows rapid rejuvenation of the aging lip. A small segment of white lip along the pink lip is removed and the pink lip advanced and rolled outward. The new advanced lip is sutured and ointment applied.

After Care

Cold compresses are critical to minimize swelling. Pain medication is needed for a brief postoperative period. The patient cleans the suture lines with peroxide and applies ointment. Avoiding excessive smiling and manipulation is necessary. The patient is instructed to drink through a straw and is to avoid eating or drinking hot or cold substances. The patient usually resumes using lipstick within one week.

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