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What Is FaceTite™?

While fat removal is possible, facial tightening, especially along the lower cheek, jawline and neck, is the usual goal of a FaceTite™ treatment.

What Is NeckTite™?

NeckTite™ refers to using the FaceTite™ cannula to provide tightening of loose neck tissue as well as fat removal.

How Do FaceTite™ Treatments Work?

During a FaceTite procedure, a solution of dilute local anesthesia is infused via extremely small incisions. FaceTite applies radiofrequency energy to heat the local tissues, resulting in the melting of fat cells plus tightening of the overlying skin. Residual debris is gently vacuumed away with a small liposuction cannula.

Where Is FaceTite™ And NeckTite™ Performed?

FaceTite and NeckTite procedures are performed in the office. We believe it is important to follow the highest standards of safety and sterility and to provide you with the utmost comfort and privacy during your visits.

How Long Does FaceTite™ And NeckTite™ Take?

Depending upon treatment area, FaceTite and NeckTite take approximately one hour.

How Many FaceTite™ And NeckTite™ Treatments Are Needed?

For most patients only a single treatment is required for each area treated.FaceTite\NeckTite

FaceTite™ Recovery Time

Patients return home shortly following a FaceTite and NeckTite treatment and routine activities can be resumed in a few days. This will vary with treatment area and Dr. Foster will review this with you at the time of your confidential consultation.

Is FaceTite™/ NeckTite™ Safe?

FaceTite and NeckTite is a brief, gentle and virtually painless procedure. The technology allows a precise and tapered application of heat to the treatment area and also includes safety systems to guard against overheating.

Is Anesthesia Needed For FaceTite™ And NeckTite™ Treatments?

FaceTite™ and Necktite are performed under local anesthesia. This means lower risk, lower cost and faster recovery.

Are FaceTite™ And NeckTite™ Non-Invasive?

Because FaceTite™ and Necktite require very small incisions or punctures in order to place the probe below the skin, they are technically not truly “non-invasive” but rather are what Dr. Foster refers to as “hybrid” procedures.

Because FaceTite and NeckTite are hybrid type procedures it’s important that the physician performing the procedure has a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the local anatomy. Because of our training and wealth of experience with liposuction, board certified plastic surgeons are most qualified to perform FaceTite and NeckTite. This is underscored by the policy of the manufacturer to only sell these products to plastic surgeons at this time.

Risks of FaceTite™ And NeckTite™

Like many aesthetic procedures swelling and minor bruising are anticipated. There is a small risk of infection; this and other risks will be reviewed with you prior to your FaceTite or NeckTite treatment.

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