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It is not unusual that during a consultation for a rhinoplasty, the surgeon may recommend improvement of a receding chin. This occurs because the facial surgeon does not think of the nose as an isolated feature, but rather as an integral component of the entire face. In evaluating the aesthetic proportions of the face, plastic surgeons think in terms of the best possible profile obtainable for the individual.

Generally speaking, when seen in profile, the chin should nearly touch a vertical line drawn from the lower lip. If only a rhinoplasty is completed, while the chin is too weak and the forehead slanted, the facial profile will come to a “point” at the nose. In this case, you may be advised against rhinoplasty unless chin projection is increased at the same time.

Of course, there are also individuals who desire and would benefit from chin augmentation who do not need rhinoplasty. Occasionally, a consultation with an oral surgeon who is trained to align the entire jaw and teeth will be recommended. This recommendation is guided by the anatomy of the patient’s bite, the chin’s projection and the patient’s concerns.

Surgery is no longer indicated for chin augmentation. Fillers are used to provide the desired results in minutes, with no downtime.

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If you are considering a rhinoplasty, you may also want to consider a chin augmentation as well. Making sure your facial features are compatible is very important when considering plastic surgery. Contact our Toms River office by calling (732) 914-2233 or our Manasquan office by calling (732) 449-2099 to schedule a consultation with Fostermd. We serve Monmouth County, Ocean County, and surrounding areas in New Jersey.


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