Facelift After Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

facelift after weight loss Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal! You have worked hard to shed extra weight and live a healthier life. However, there may be one problem that persists: excess skin that does not resolve through exercise. A facelift after weight loss could help rejuvenate your appearance and reveal a slimmer, contoured facial structure.

Causes of Extra Skin After Weight Loss

Patients who lose weight rapidly or who lose large amounts of weight often find themselves with excess skin. This is caused by losing weight rapidly, as the skin cannot shrink quickly enough in response to all of the fat cells being burned.

The rapid contraction of the skin also causes you to lose more collagen and elastin — two key proteins that give skin its tightness and elasticity. People who lose over 100 pounds typically have more excess skin and are more likely to require surgical correction.

How a Facelift Can Help

Because a facelift removes excess skin and tightens underlying muscles, it can provide the lift and tightening you need to reach your aesthetic goals. Some patients also pair their facelift with a neck lift to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of a facelift after weight loss can include:

  • A more contoured jawline
  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • Reduction of loose jowls
  • Improved facial balance and symmetry

How Should I Prepare for a Facelift After Weight Loss?

Patients should be at their target weight before undergoing plastic surgery. As a facelift affects fat distribution and volume, it is important to be within your ideal weight range to achieve your desired results.

Eating a balanced diet and following an exercise routine will help you maintain your weight before and after surgery; furthermore, you should stop smoking and consuming alcohol before your procedure.

A plastic surgeon will discuss your facelift candidacy and help you prepare. They will also guide you through aftercare and recovery to help you maintain your results.

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Dr. Foster is a facelift specialist in Manasquan and Toms River, NJ. Since 1996, he has proudly owned and operated FosterMD. With both national and international recognition, as well as a book published on facial surgery, he is a skilled professional who understands the nuances of a facelift after weight loss.

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