Debunking Dermaplaning Myths

DermaplaningDermaplaning is a skincare technique that utilizes a small razor blade on the skin’s surface to remove peach fuzz, dead skin cells, and other surface debris. This technique is great for exfoliating to improve the appearance of the skin, stimulate collagen production, and allows skin care products to reach deeper into the skin. However, some common myths have caused dermaplaning to be an intimidating treatment for some people. If you are ready to try dermaplaning, don’t let these common misconceptions stop you from achieving beautiful, healthy skin.

#1: Hair Will Grow Back Darker and Thicker

One of the most common misconceptions and fears about dermaplaning is that it will cause peach fuzz to grow back darker and thicker. When peach fuzz, also known as vellus hair, is shaved, it can seem prickly when it grows back because of the blunt tip of the hair. However, the nature of vellus hair is thin and soft, so it cannot become thicker from being shaved. As it grows back in, it will feel softer.

#2: It Will Cause Breakouts

Some of those with acne-prone or sensitive skin may be wary of trying new treatments in case they cause breakouts. Dermaplaning actually does quite the opposite. By exfoliating the skin, it prevents the pores from becoming clogged by dead skin cells. It also makes skin care products more effective, which is great for those with acne-prone skin.

#3: It’s Painful

Dermaplaning has been reported as one of the least painful ways to remove facial hair compared to threading, plucking, or waxing. The blade will be stroked softly over the skin, much like a razor over your legs or armpits. Any redness after is due to the exposure of new skin cells, which often appear pink.

#4: Dermaplaning at Home Is the Same As In-Office Treatments

At-home dermaplaning tools can help remove peach fuzz and some dead skin, but the tools used by professionals target the superficial layer of dead skin. This makes in-office treatments far more effective.

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