Juvederm Voluma injections for addressing volume loss

Juvederm VolumaAt Foster MD in Toms River and Manasquan, NJ, patients have access to both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the face and body. When patients begin to show the unwanted signs of aging in the face, including skin laxity and volume loss, they may be led to believe that cosmetic plastic surgery is the only option available to them in turning back the hands of time. However, with cosmetic injectables, patients can often achieve similar results without ever going “under the knife.” One common injectable that is used by Dr. Wayne P. Foster is Juvederm Voluma.

Understanding how Juvederm Voluma works

Like traditional Juvederm dermal fillers, Voluma is formulated with hyaluronic acid gel. This gel adds volume where it is injected. However, Juvederm Voluma stands apart from conventional Juvederm as it is more viscous and lasts much longer than dermal fillers alone. Juvederm Voluma is currently the only FDA-approved dermal filler for replacing volume midface in the areas of the cheeks. Most patients who have Juvederm Voluma completed will find that the results will last several months, even years!

What can Juvederm Voluma be used for?

There are several areas of the face that Juvederm Voluma can be used, including the:

  • Cheeks (mid and upper)
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Tear trough area
  • Hollowed temples

Can Juvederm Voluma be used alongside other injectables?

Cosmetic injectables can achieve amazing results for many of our patients. In fact, at Foster MD, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of dermal fillers, neuromodulators, and collagen stimulators for our patients to consider. Depending on the severity of the volume loss and skin laxity, patients may be able to combine other injectables with Juvederm Voluma to achieve what is commonly referred to as a “liquid facelift.”

Dr. Wayne P. Foster proudly offers Juvederm Voluma as a way of achieving more volume in the facial area

Plastic surgery isn’t the only way to achieve a more attractive appearance. With cosmetic injectables, patients now have access to minimally invasive solutions as well. Dr. Wayne P. Foster of Toms River and Manasquan, NJ is here to assist, and encourages patients to consider the advantages injectables such as Juvederm Voluma provide. Call today to schedule your consultation and initial evaluation with our staff.

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