3 Signs You May Need Revisions Rhinoplasty

Revision RhinoplastyYour nose is the direct center and focal point of your face. That’s why some choose to undergo rhinoplasty to enhance the look of one of their key features. Unfortunately, not all rhinoplasties are created equal, and results can end up being less than desirable.

This could be due to an error in the healing process, a surgeon’s error, or an injury after surgery. Whatever the reason, you may be worried you could need a revision rhinoplasty. So let’s take a closer look at some common signs of mistakes and reasons you could need a revision rhinoplasty.

Upturned Nose

An upturned nose is a common sign of a rhinoplasty that didn’t go the way it probably should of. While people can naturally have upturned noses, an upturned nose after rhinoplasty is often caused when the nose is shortened too much. This excessive removal of tissue can cause structural issues and may look unpleasant.

A Scooped Profile

Some people’s noses naturally have a scooped profile on their bridge. However, a scooped profile after surgery is a sign that too much bone was removed during the process. This, unfortunately, can lead to deformation of the nose and nostrils.

Pinched Nose

Unlike the first two signs of an improper rhinoplasty, a pinched nose is not something you see on some noses. A pinched nose is where your nostrils become almost slant-like instead of a natural circle-like hole. This is often caused by excessive amounts of cartilage being removed from the nose.

A pinched nose can also be caused by too much cartilage being removed from the tip of the nose. A pinched nose can, unfortunately, lead to deformities and structural integrity problems. This can potentially cause breathing issues.

Correcting Past Mistakes

Undergoing a rhinoplasty is not something people often do without some considerable thought put into it. So it can be more than disappointing when the outcome after waiting and healing isn’t what it’s supposed to be. So what can you do? Thankfully our staff here at FosterMD provides revision rhinoplasty to correct those problems to return beauty and functionality to your nose.

Dr. Foster is a specialist in rhinoplasty and understands that such a delicate procedure needs compassionate, confident, and delicate hands during the process. So trust Dr. Foster’s experience and results and contact our staff with FosterMD at 732-449-2099 today.

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