What your Teen Needs to Know about Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty Wall NJNose jobs, officially known as rhinoplasty, are the most popular cosmetic procedure among teenagers. If your teen wants to get a nose job, there are specific issues and concerns that should first be addressed. First, your teen needs to be a certain age to qualify for this particular surgery. The nose is not fully grown until about age 16 for girls and age 18 for boys.

Arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon to ensure that your teen has a complete understanding of the risks and issues associated with rhinoplasty. It is important that you attend this consultation with your teen so you can be informed about the procedure as well as offer your input as their guardian. During this consultation, the doctor will ask what your teen’s expectations are post surgery. They will also explain the possible risks and what is involved in the operation. If your teen thinks a nose job will be life changing and suddenly make them popular, they are not mature enough for the surgery.

Be sure your teen is aware of the risks associated with a nose job. As with any surgery, there are always possible risks. For a rhinoplasty operation, these specific risks include swelling, nerve damage, scarring, nosebleeds, or numbness.

Discuss with your teen what a nose job is for. For some, a nose job is purely cosmetic, while for others it is for reconstructive purposes. Your teen may want to change the size of their nose by removing a hump, making the nose smaller, or reshaping the tip of the nose.

Finally, help your teen understand that patience is required when getting a nose job. Recovery can take up to several weeks. Swelling and redness will be particularly visible within the first few days. The head will need to be elevated, and they will likely feel some pain. If your teen does not possess the patience to deal with recovery from a nose job, they may need to wait a few years before they choose to pursue the procedure.

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